Thursday, May 29, 2008

About Nothing...

The other night, daddy laid under his truck for a long time again. Mommy took each of us on our own walk. Dumb Max crawled under the truck to give daddy kisses after his walk. I just gave him the nod, then wanted to go in and get a drink. Daddy's truck has been parked out front for a long time. It is in the way of our visual for perimeter security checks from the front window. Intruders are surprising us before we get warned. We saw a boxer doggie stop and sniff our turft and mommy made Max stop barking at it. Then we saw that mastiff come by and he barked back at us, until he daddy dragged him away. Mommy made me get off the couch, stop barking and go lay down until she let me get up again.

Last night mommy wasnt as lovey as she has been lately. We didnt even get to go for our walk. Daddy helped her bake some yummies, that we were not allowed to have, then they left for a few hours. When they got home, mommy went right to bed. I went in and checked on her and give her a cold nose snuggly. She petted my head and told me she didnt feel good and kept sniffing. Then dumb Max pushed me out the way, and checked her tempature by giving her a cold nose in the armpit. That made her jump a bit, but she still didnt get up. So we tucked her in and went potty with daddy.

This morning mommy took me for my walk, but she walked slower than normal. I got a lot of time to sniff every turf we passed. She still left for the day, but I felt bad for her. She didnt give me much lovin in the morning. I hope she feels better tonite, as we miss our mommy lovins.
BARK- Sasha the Princess

PAW!! The princess has become possesive of our bed lately. Dad has had to move her after she has barked and challenged me off the bed that is front and center in front of mom and dad. Dad reminded her SHE is NOT the pack leader and SHE had better take which bed he tells her to. There she goes, thinking she is a princess again! I hope mom is better soon too. I like walking with her in the morning. Dad is ok, but he is a little more bossy than her. PAW-- Max!

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mum of critters said...

Hey guys sounds like your mum is sick so you better take good care of her and get along! that will help her a lot too!