Friday, May 16, 2008

Tired Dogs!

BARK! Yes, we love our walks, but boy, it sure is getting hot out there lately! Last night during our walk, I saw one of the fuzzies with the bushy tails at the park again. I kept jumping up and telling mommy to let me play with it. She made me sit and lay down. Then wouldnt let me go over to it. Dumb Max doesnt even see them. I can just imagine the fun we could have together, if they would let us near one. The night before, at least daddy let me go to the tree it ran up. Try as hard as I could, I couldnt jump high enough to catch it, and climbing the tree was even harder! Im glad mommy and daddy let me play with those things that spray water, so I can put my head in the spray and drink the water. It is even more fun if I can get mommy and daddy wet too! Dumb Max doesnt get it, and never trys it. He didnt even know how to drink out of a drinking fountain until last night. I guess he finally got thirsty enough.
I do have to admit though, that Max has been pretty cool lately. Mommy and daddy wont let him lick my ears anymore, but he still nudges me, and I nudge him back, then we start playing. Mommy and daddy seem real happy when we do this. I think I will let them keep him, now that he is getting fun. Since Max is finally learning to walk good, Daddy sometimes takes him in the morning, so I get to walk with mommy in the mornings now too. I love our special alone times. Especially when she stops and sits and puts her head down for a little while. I am not sure what that means, but she seems a lot more peaceful afterwards. And if I lay queitly, she gives me a treat too.

PAW-- Hey, the Princess is pretty cool these days. She finally figured out how to play nice, so we can play together and make mom and dad laugh. Now if I can just figure out how to get her to chill a little more in the back yard, then we can run and play together outside too!
The other day I discovered FREEDOM!! Dad let us out back to eat and potty. I found the gate open and went to check out the yard next door. The lady that lives there, came out and grabbed me by the collar and took me home. It sure was funny to see Daddy's face when he saw me standing at the front door, instead of the back door. When he told mommy about it later, I felt her heart race, but I heard them mention something about me being allowed some more freedom to play. YIPPEE!!! --PAW! -- MAX

BARK-- Yes, I tried to warn him not to go out there, I have witness daddy's wrath when I did that, and didnt want to go there. So when daddy came running into the back yard, there I was, being the good little princess I am! Well, what can you expect from a dumb puppy?

Sasha- the Princess!


Our Girl Blue said...

Hi! Thanks for leaving a note on my page - we're all glad you did, so now we can be friends with you guys, too! My mom added a link to your page on mine, too. Bark at you later!
Licks, Bella

Riley & Tiki said...

Thanks for visiting us. I am sorry to say that I am afraid of water. My kitties love to play in it, but I won't even really go into the bathroom because I'm afraid I'll get tossed in the tub and bathed. The horror!


Mango said...

Mindy Lu -
It is always nice to meet another full sized doggie. I am very happy with pee-wee's torture bowl because it means he doesn't annoy me whilst I am savoring my puppy food. Momma went to their web site and found a store nearby that had the bowl.