Monday, May 19, 2008


Remember the day mommy came home full of fur, then smelled like a bunny? Well, I heard her and daddy talking yesterday and they said that the bunny had gone to Rainbow Bridge. They were real sad for Archie's mommy too. My mommy said something about Archie now being with our black flurry, Spike and Spikes cousin, white furry Max. We are not sure what that means, but we hear that all furries get along over Rainbow Bridge, while they wait for their peoples to join them. I dont like when she is sad like that, but I sure do love the lovins we get when she is!

Im going to let Mommy post for a little bit:
CariAnn, you are in our prayers. We pray for healing for your heart, peace for your thoughts and love for Riley throughout it all. As the other bloggers said, Archie can now hop and jump with all 4 perfect legs now! And since we know all animals get along over that bridge, I know my kitty Spike will give Archie the tour and show her where to wait for us!-- Hugs- Mindy


meemsnyc said...

We were so sad to hear and read about Archi. Archi bun will be missed so much. We just went over to their blog to give our condolences. Thanks for letting us know about it. I had no idea until I read your posting.

Anonymous said...

thank you Sasha, Max and Mindy. i'm doing ok - trying to let go. Thanks for calling and for praying for me. God really has been comforting me and one of his means of grace has been all these awesome bloggers and the support.

I love O'Reilly and am not sore with him, he's just doing what was natural to him. It's ok. Thank you.