Friday, May 30, 2008


PAW!!! Mom pulled out the camera again. So we decided to chronicle my typical morning. Dad usually wakes first and we give him the head nod, before going back to snoring. He pours some dark liquid in cups and puts them next to him and moms chair. Mom slowly comes out of the masters lair later and drinks out of the cup. I have sneaked a few licks and it is pretty tasty. The princess sniffed it and gave it the nose. I cant read, but I think there is something on the mug that tells me it should be Sasha the princess's mug, not moms. Usually once mom is up, The Princess will try to play with me. I have figured out she just wants the "front and center" mat, but I play along.

Mom and Dad just watch the show, while drinking the dark liquid. I notice the more they drink it, the more awake they get. Then dad takes us potty, and that really gets us excited. We come back in and Sasha tries to get me to lick her ears. Dad wont let me do that anymore, so I just nudge her and she nudges me back, then we circle each other. Then Dad gets dressed. He takes the Princess out the door, which really upsets me, so I have to vocalize my fear of them leaving the pack behind. While I do this, mom goes and gets dressed, then I know my turn is coming too. After she puts that thing on my face, she makes me lay down at the front door. I dont like to sit, but laying down is pretty eazy. She puts some sack on her back, then we head out. She makes me sit again, which I will do, but I gotta keep an eye on the perimeter as she shuts the door. See how good I sit?

We walk for awhile. I am getting really good at walking. Mom tells me a lot how good of a boy I am being and how proud she is of me for not pulling her around anymore. Since she gives me so much good loving for this, it encourages me to stay good for her. But I stay alert to any dangers that could be around. See how good I walk?

Then mom stops at this bench.

I have figured out we are going to be at this bench for a little while, so I lay down. Usually if I lay down and stay calm, mom will give me a real tasty biscuit from the sack she has taken off her back. She also pulls out a big book and looks at it for a little while, then puts her head down with her eyes closed. I think she may be taking a nap, since she looked so tired after she got off her mat in the morning. So I just lay down and wait for her to start walking again.

After a little while, a bright light starts to shine on us. This seems to make mom real happy. It is warm to me, so I like to face it, so I can feel the warmth on my fur.

After that happens, mom calls me over to get my lovings. My tail gets so excited when mom loves on me. She pets my head, my neck, my jowls and rubs my ears. It feels so good. She asks me for a hug, so I give her a close nose snuggly, which always makes her laugh.

Then she puts the book back into her sack and we start walking again. She seems a lot happier and more awake now. We pass the big turf that Sasha the Princess and I migrate through each night, with mom and dad. You can see the water that Sasha likes to bite a lot. I just dont get the fun in that, as it hurts my mouth. Not too many packs get this big of a yard to migrate in. At night there are usually a lot of kids roaming around. But lately we havent seen many.

There is a place we have to pass through that is loud with a lot of moving things. Mom always makes me sit and wait for the things to stop moving. They make me a little scared, so I stay real close to her and sit when she tells me to.

After that we are almost home. I can smell dad and Sasha in the air, so I know they are nearby somewhere. Mom says they have already walked by and are at home waiting for us. I cant wait to get home, so I tend to walk a little faster, which makes mom a little sore with me.

When we get home, mom makes me sit again at the door until she opens it. And always Sasha the princess is waiting for us. She greets us at the door, then starts to jump and bark at me. Give a guy a break, will ya?

But best of all.. mom always finishes the walk with the "MAX RUB". I know this is coming, and sit right away, offering my back for the treat:

Till tommorrow- PAW-- Max the Prince!


Mom said...

Wow, are an exceptionally good writer...for a dog! Sounds like you and your mom have a great morning routine going there. --Donna S.

Anonymous said...

sounds like a great way to start the day Max! you're doing soooo good!