Monday, June 2, 2008

Injuries and ICE CREAM!

BARK! This weekend, we took mommy and daddy for a ride on their bikes. We love to run along side them and challenge them to keep up with us. Max runs like the wind. This time Max pooped out real quick. When we laid down at home, I smelled Max's boo boo on his paw. Mommy and daddy didnt even notice, so I licked it to make it better. Mommy saw me, and came over to check and saw that he had hurt both paws. So daddy got out the cleaning stuff and started to Vet him up. I sat nearby to supervise. Max didnt like it very much and made some funny sounds. Finally daddy had to pet Max so mommy could fix his paws.

After they were fixed, mommy put white things on them. She said it would keep his boo boo clean. I think he looked pretty silly. But as soon as mom mentioned ICE CREAM, I didnt care anymore! ICE CREAM? A RIDE? My FAVORITES!!! BARK!

PAW!! I am glad The Princess showed mom my OWIE, as it hurt to walk on. After hurting me some more, then showering me with love, mom said something about going for a ride. A RIDE? I am still not sure if I like those. But The Princess clued me in that something special would come with it. So we loaded into the green machine and went around the corner. Mom went into a big building, then came out some delicious smelling things. Dad was talking to some person that was admiring us as usual. Mom pulled The princess over first and I saw her lunge at that yummy thing! Mom kept pulling back, then she would lunge again. Finally she stated licking and licking. She had yellow stuff on her nose, but it sure looked good. Meanwhile, I just made sure I was handsome for the person checking me out and asking why I had those funny white things on my feet. How embarrasing!

Finally it was my turn! Mom called me over to the yellow thing. I took a big bite! Mom yelled "drop it" so I let it go, and then came back for more. She laughed and said I looked like something called "Jaws!". Well, of course I have jowls!! Finally I tried The Princesses trick and started licking. Wow, it was delicious. Now I see what The Princess was so excited about. After a little bit of licking, mom finally let me bite into it. Man, it was COLD!! It hurt my head and I had to stop. But not for long. Lick, lick, lick then CRUNCH and it was gone!

Then dad went back into the big building and came out with 2 more, but him and mom ate them. So we just layed down and watched and waited for something to drop to our level. Now that was one drive that was WORTH the trip! PAW!!

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mum of critters said...

well it's cool that after your owie you gots a treat :-)