Friday, April 8, 2011

We're Home!

We are home now. Man, is it hard being a good Princess for all my fans. I have slept straight through the last two days. Even Mommy said she has bliss tears on her paws and walks funny. I am glad mommy and daddy took me with them on their adventure.
Note from mommy:
We are used to getting a lot of attention having the princess with us, but it was CRAZY for those two days. So to fill everyone in... Sasha stayed in the Disney Kennels, while we hit the parks. We went back every 4-5 hours, and took her out for a walk around the entrances, rested for a bit, pottied and fed her. She seemed to adjust well inside the kennel, despite the much barking going inside. She had a small caged area and her own bed to sleep on. The potty area behind the kennel was astro turf, which Sasha snubbed her nose at, so we had to find little dirt area's around the entrance for the princess to utilize. Because of her knee arthritis, she gets herself up by her front legs only. When she is tired, she struggles and usually ends up scraping her "heels" and making them bleed. So we put tissue around the scrapes and then wrapped her ankles with some leopard print duct tape. And of course, she wore a rubber bootie on her right paw, to protect against dragging and making her nails bleed. She was geared up for safety, which led to many questions.

We had to practice our graciousness by smiling and answering the same questions over and over...
Yes, she is a Great Dane. No, she is not as big as most, she is smaller.
No, she is not hurt, she just has duct tape bandaids on her heels to keep from scraping them
Yes, she is older and no she does not have hip dysplasia, she has arthritis
Yes, we know a Dane's life is short, but she has made it to 10 1/2 and is still going strong
No, she wont bite you. Yes, you can pet her
No, we dont put a saddle on her
No, she doesnt sleep with us or between us, she has her own bed
Oh, how nice, your aunt, uncle, neighbor, sister, grandparents (fill in the blank) had a Great Dane too.

We totally accept the fact of having a large dog will gather attention and will NEVER be rude when people want to meet her. But I have to admit, sometimes you just want to be invisable. Especially when we are trying to get her to "go potty" or eat without distractions. However, she was very well behaved and took it all in stride. She loved walking at the same pace as the crowd entering the gates. I had to laugh, as she just looked around as if to say "Im with the pack... we are  migrating... what a pack!". So cute!


brooke said...

How lucky for Sasha to be able to go with you!
I hear you about the questions. It gets tiring after a while!

The Thundering Herd said...

Our most common question - Where is the sled? We answer either "At home" (and they are trying to figure out if we are kidding them) or "Where's the Snow?"

The hu-dad's favorite question is "Why do you have six?" His answer is always, "Because I don't have room for seven."

Honey the Great Dane said...

Oh Sasha! What a wonderful, wonderful time you had!! I never knew that Disneyland had Kennels too - that is so thoughtful, actually, for the humans who have beloved doggies.

And my humans, Hsin-Yi, says she could REALLY relate to what your Mommy said about all those questions! Actually, she thinks your Mommy is MUCH nicer than her and more patient with people - Hsin-Yi often gets very fed up of all the questions...she doesn't get rude but she now often avoids people's eyes when we're walking so that they're less likely to strike up conversation! :-)

Thank you by the way for your lovely comments on my blog! And I'm so touched and flattered that you tell people about me! About your questions - Hsin-Yi's name is pronounced "Sin-Yee" - the "H" is silent. Actually, to make it easier for people, she usually tells people it's pronounced "Sinny" - just sticking the 2 parts of the name together - coz it rolls off the tongue easier! :-)

Honey the Great Dane
ps. am sorry to hear about your arthrtis ouchies but it is so wonderful for you to get to your age! It makes Hsin-Yi feel better coz recently, she has been feeling sad when she thinks about me and how I'm going to be 8yrs old in Oct and I am starting to slow down a bit now and she keeps thinking they're going to lose me soon - but it's so heartening to hear that there are Danes that get to 10yrs and more!

Mango said...

Hehehe. Yup. Momma thinks she should carry a brochure to answer all those dumb questions over and over and over and over....