Monday, December 26, 2011

Huge Treats from Mr Chewy

This has been the BEST Pawmas EVER!
Mommy said that we were contacted by Mr Chewy. He said he thought we were a perfect match to try out his services and then tell all you furries about it. This is mommy's first attempt at a review, so bear with us.

First, Mr Chewy told mommy she could do some shopping on his site. Mommy ordered some goodies for me and for my kitty cousins and my great grand kitty cousin. The packages arrived less than a week later.
Mommy placed the first box on the table, out of my range, but I circled it and circled it, knowing there was something GOOD for ME in it. But she said I had to wait. I couldnt see, but I could sure smell it.

The second package arrived the next day. Both came from the big truck with an X on it. When daddy carried this package in, he was shocked at how much it weighed. Mommy did not pay attention to weight, and even surprised herself, that she was able to receive this 40 pound package at a shipping cost of NOTHING!

 On pawmas morning, daddy said I could have one of my presents. He unwrapped it for me, saying I would make too much of a mess myself.

Yummmm, yummm, a meat bone. This one is called "The Tank" meat knuckle bone. Daddy put a towel under me, cause he knew it would be messy. I think I chewed on it for 3 hours and even broke it in half.

Finally I was exhausted. I will save it for later.

Mr Chewy was very nice to stay in communication with mommy, telling her the treats were on their way. Mommy said it was the easiest order she ever placed and was impressed with the prices and especially the FREE shipping for orders over $49, no matter what the weight. She did feel sorry for the man in the X uniform who had to carry it.

The best part is that Mr Chewy is going to give all our fur friends a 10% discount when they come check out the goodies at his site, using the referral code: MMMC1912

And he also will donate $10 to The Best Friends Animal Society for each order placed using the referral code: MMMC1912

We invite you to visit Mr Chewy and check it out. It sure made my Howl-i-day nice.

Until then, enjoy this video from The Best Friends Animal Society (no kleenex needed).

BARK! Sasha the Princess!

Note from Mommy: I have been compensated for writing about my experience. However, my opinions are entirely my own and I have not been paid to publish positive comments.


Anonymous said...

Hi there Sasha!

Oh, those yummies sure brought the slobber out!

And Santa just brought you another pressie. I just granted you The Liebster Blog Award.

Go to my blog and checkout my post about it so you can bring the award logo to your blog:

Kisses and slobbers!

Moose Dog said...

Whoa! That Mr Chewy USA most excellent and generous pal! I am glad you had a great Christmas Princess!

Moose Dog said...

Oops USA is supposed to be 'is a'! I suspect Mr Chewy is a patriotic pup and won't mind! We will check him out soon!