Sunday, December 11, 2011

The Bearded Man Came!

Grammy and Grampy came to visit. And brought lots of treats for the Princess. This is Grampy. Some hoomans thinks he looks like Santi paws.

 They gave me a big red sock and I got to unwrap my own treats. Daddy even let me eat a few right away.

Grammy says I deserve princess toys since I am a princess. This toy is lots of fun. It makes noises everytime I try to grab it. It is my new favorite toy. It sure makes mommy and daddy laugh a lot when I play with it. They said I look like a clumsy overgrown puppy.

 After I opened all my treats, daddy and grampy came and gave me lots of attention. I wasnt too sure of all this, but finally got used to it.

All the fun and excitement wore me right out. After I got all my treats and toys open and played with, I went right to sleep.
(see the pink toy? That in my princess mirror)

BARK! Sasha the Princess

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