Sunday, April 24, 2011


Mommy's eyes started leaking this morning because the man with the long coat called real early in the morning to give her good news. He told her all the poky's he gave me came back good. The treats I get each morning are still working good inside me and nothing has to change. He said the red stuff inside of me is even better than before, so I dont have to go visit him for a long time. And he told her that if I my leggies move slower I can start getting some more treats called TRAMADOL which will make the hurties a lot less. Mommy was so impressed that he took the time to call her on this special day to give us the news. And that he talked about my visits being over a year, which means I have a lot more time to spend with Mommy and daddy.

After they got home from their Sunday home, they gave me big hugs. They told me that today is a special day because of a man long time ago who came from a Rainbow Ridge to visit us. He was a really good man and people were mean to Him and hurt Him a lot. He went away for a little while, then came back and invited all His friends to come back to a  Rainbow Bridge for hoomans where they will always be healthy and happy, like the place us furries go when we leave our forever homes. Mommy told me that today was a good day to hear the news that I will live longer, because today is the day that hoomans celebrate new and eternal life.


Then we went to play outside.
I showed them what a healthy active princess I am, by searching out a crawly thing.

They thought I was just being silly, then daddy saw the stripe on a crawly thing. Mommy got nervous that I would fall into the big water bowl, so she made me come inside. Mommy's are always overprotective!


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Mango said...

Miss Sasha! That is wonderful news! No wonder your momma eyes leaked a little because that happens when our humans are super duper happy. I am sending you a relentlessly huge hug for sure.