Tuesday, November 30, 2010


After all the hoomans ate the bird, mommy and daddy packed up the Green Machine and we hit the road. I was pretty excited and paced around a lot. Then we got to a really big lair and settled down. Mommy told me I had to be quiet, but there were too many new smells and sounds to sleep, so I made sure mommy and daddy felt safe by giving them a warning bark every hour. This did not make daddy too happy.
The next morning daddy got bizy packing up the Green Machine.
Mommy and I greeted the other pups. The lair we slept at lets furries stay for FREE! Mommy liked that. Be sure to visit when you are traveling. La Quinta
This time we were on the road for a long long time. I kept asking "Are we there yet" and they kept saying "NO! Go to sleep". So finally I laid down and relaxed.
Finally mommy announced " WE ARE HERE!"
Remember how I won a free night with my Princess looks at
The Victorian Inn ? They greeted like the Princess I am. With lots of attention and treats. Even the manager came out to greet me and gave me a big green treat!
Then she said because I was the big winner, I got an even better treat. A pull toy! I can wait to play tug with daddy!
The first room we went to had hard floors. Mommy asked if we could change rooms since I would slip and slide on them, and may hurt them. But they sure were pretty. Mommy wants to stay in one of those rooms when there isnt a furry with her. Then we got to our room. Mommy said it was very Ellee Gant. I dont know who Ellee is, but I liked it too. We could even hear the water dogs barking from the big water bowl outside.

Later we went for walkies. This is the place where mommy goes in and out of big rooms handing over paper to people, while daddy and I wait for her outside.

I stand at attention and keep a close eye out for her. Even when lots of people come to visit The Princess, I keep on alert and watch to make sure mommy is safe. Not until she is safe by my side to I allow anyone else my attention.

This time daddy went into a room. It smelled really good. He said he was getting us a treat. We all got some chocolate goodies. Mommy wants everyone to know, that I get "special" chocolate, safe for doggies.

Then we went back to the room to settle down for the night. Awwww, my favorite spot!

Wtih my favorite pillow!
To be continued...
The Princess!


brooke said...

Road trip! Looks fun! And a tug and chocolate treats! Lucky girl!

Tucker said...

Oh I know Ellie... she's my kitty sister!

your road trip looks fun. I try to be quiet in hotels but I let out a bark occasionally too.

woof - Tucker