Saturday, December 17, 2011

More Presents

"When up on the porch I heard such a commotion."
I just had to...

Mommy was not pleased when she got home. She said these were DADDY's gifts, not MINE. What? I thought ALL packages under the tree were for the Princess!

"But, " She said, "There is a package for you in the mailbox." Oh, Santas commotion on the porch was just the mailman? Mommy brought in my package, so I got to open ANOTHER present.

But it wasnt a play toy. It was my morning and night treats? That wasnt a fun present!
Merry Christmas!
Sasha, the Princess


Mango said...

Miss Sasha,
That is kind of a disappointment. No wonder you were opening the pressies under the tree. You take care of yourself. Hey! Check out my blog. I went to the water therapy. It is good for mature doggies such as you and I.


Moose Dog said...

I am the postal inspector at my house and sometimes get in trouble for inspecting these non-postal type packages but safety first I always say! WHo knows what could be in that box or bag until I check it out? Clearly we are both misunderstood...

DaneDreaming said...

Hey stranger!! Just wanted to let you know that you were picked for the Leibster blog award, you can read about it on our blog. Love the newest pics of you!! naughty girls...we love them :P have a great holiday ladies xo Jenn and Luke