Saturday, April 23, 2011


This morning when daddy took me out to go potty he did a weird thing. When I skawted, he tried to put something under me. That scared me so I stopped. Then he looked inside and didnt look too happy. But mommy took the few drops and put in another bowl and put in the cold box in the smelly room. That was real odd!

Later Mommy and Daddy took me for another ride. When we got there, I knew something where we were because I smelled all the other furries. I heard mommy tell the lady at the window that we were following up and she gave her the little bowl they had this morning. They had me walk onto a big shiny thing and mommy said I lost weight. Last time i was there, I was 145 pounds, and today I was 135. Do I look skinnier?

We went into a little room and mommy and daddy sat down and seemed real relaxed, so I layed down too.
Then a man came into the room with a long coat. He petted me all over and it felt real good. He said I was pretty healthy for an old lady.   He said my teeth were pretty clean and he was happy with how well I was doing. Mommy was really glad he didnt have any concerns. Mommy and daddy told him about my late night accidents.She had him explain to daddy why they are out of my control. I am so embarrased, but he told them that is had something to do with age and my knee's hurting. So he is going to give me some more medicine to help me feel a little bit better. I try real hard to be a good girl and go outside, but sometimes it just surprises me and pops out. He said that will happen more when I am sleeeping or relaxed since my brain doesnt talk to certain muscles during that time. I was taken away from mommy and daddy so the man could poke me with something and cut my nails. He told mommy he would call her later to tell her if the inside of me was still doing good. But mommy seemed real happy when we left.

While we were there, mommy got real sad when she saw some hoomans crying. She said that their furry was going to rainbow bridge and the hoomans were very sad. And then another lady outside was crying by her machine and we saw some people come get something out of her car. Mommy told daddy there was so much sadness that we should just sit outside and be quiet. Daddy petted me a lot and told me that he and mommy will be sad too when I go to Rainbow Bridge. But until then.... we will play, sleep and love!

BARK!!! Sasha the Princess

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Mango said...

Miss Sasha,
That is odd that your daddy wanted to bring your pee to the doctor, but those vet people are always wanting to examine our bodily fluids.

I am glad that you got a good check-up. I understand how the accidents can be worrisome for you. I hope that your new medicines help you feel better about going outside, but even so, you might leak a little during your slumbers.

It is awful to see the humans so sad when their furries cross over the Rainbow Bridge. I wish they could understand that it is a happy place where we run free and feel no pain.

You take good care of yourself.