Tuesday, October 7, 2008

MOMMY'S MONDAY- late :-(

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We got to see the dog whisperer!!

Consider this a Monday Memory too. In January, Cesar Millan's producers held auditions for dogs to be chosen for new episodes. We packed up Sasha (the Princess) & Max (the Dude) in the big green machine and headed to the sea. I was very anxious, as both the kids are a dog aggressive and knowing we were going to be within a very large crowd of mostly unbalanced dogs, WHAT WERE WE THINKING?!

Scott took Sasha to go stand in line, while I remained in the car with a very anxious Max. After going and checking out the scene, I replaced Scott in line, while he retrieved Max. Sasha actually was quite well behaved. The owners around us, gave us a wide space for her and she remained calm and curious of the whole scene.

Max however was a different story. He was anxious, nervous and barking. Scott kept him away from the line, staying near us in the parking lot. After causing a couple disturbances with other dogs, the security asked him to move to an isolated section of the parking lot. A empathising dog owner behind me in line, offered to hold my place in line, if I wanted to take Sasha to keep the pack together. So we remained near the front of the store in the parking lot.

As you gathered, there were many many dogs. Most were very anxious and some were extremely calm and relaxed. Shortly after moving to our spot in the parking lot, I got the brilliant idea of walking Max in circles. This distracted him quite quickly and he calmed down and missed most of the dogs passing by.

After 2 hours of waiting, we saw Cesar arrive. It turned out to be a blessing that we were banned into the parking lot, as he and his youngest son walked right past us. Acting like a star-struck fan, I waved "HI" and he actually waved back. Right then, he looked and saw Max and pointed him out to his son, saying "Look at that BIG dog!".

So that is our claim to Dog Whisperer fame!

(note- see us at the front of the line. You know THE PRINCESS had to be noticed in the picture! I, mommy, am wearing a striped sweater)

Shortly after, our place arrived to the front of the line. Fearing having to stand in line with other dogs with Max, we explained our situation to the Store employee, who was nice enough to let us stay way behind the others, as we entered the store. We talked to producer Kay, explaining how they are both dog aggressive (of course, they both chose this time to place their heads on the table and give the most angelic look to Kay). Our biggest issue being Sasha's fence fighting and Max's aggression (he attacked a dog on New Years day). She explained they were looking for unique problems and suggested we videotape the problems and send them to her for later viewing.

That was it, we were done. A little disappointed we headed back home. However, we did get to see Cesar up close, and he did see Max, well, sort of, but it counts right?

We still watch him all the time, and continue to learn tips. Want to learn some yourself?

Cesar's ONLY 2008 Live Seminar! Saturday, December 6th, at 2 PM Atlanta, GA - John A. Williams Theatre at the Cobb Energy Performing Arts Centre Click Here For More Details!

Lucky Georgians!

Staying Calm & Assertive- Mommy


Abbey said...

Wow what a day out! Id be stessed about Chelsea in a crowd but alot of that is the potential of what she could do, not the reality. Im not a fan of Caesar but Ive done the star struck before... with a movie person prior to meeting them I thought 'be cool, be cool' and I just went blah blah blah like a ninny. I think it counts big time...smile

Back to the drawing board with the fence fighting...mmm Ive no experience but Id love to know what others think...have you asked Lindsay over at That Mutt?

Lindsay said...

Well it sounds like your dogs were pretty good for the most part. Maybe if they had been bad you would've gotten an "in" for the show! But I doubt it. I'm sure their selection process is very complicated. Anyway, that's awesome that you got to see Cesar. I'd like to go to one of his seminars sometime.