Thursday, October 23, 2008


Daddy and Max started a new singing and dancing act. I am way to sophisticated to do something so silly.
Max was doing a solo of "Who let the dogs out". Daddy just danced along side of him.

Then Max decided to try to do some "Moon walking", while daddy did the "Robot"
Oh what the heck. I decided to try the "Jump" dance. Wow, this is really fun. Max wanted daddy to waltz with him.

After the dancing and singing got boring. Daddy gave me some extra attention with my favorite toy... THE PINK BONE!!
Now time to go back to sleep for the day. A doggie can handle only so much excitement!
BARK! Sasha the Princess-- Yaaaawwwwnnn!


KC said...

What lovely photos! I wish that our Danes could play togehter. Thanks for your comment at my blog. I'm adding you to my favorite blogs today!

Amber said...

Great moves! ;)