Wednesday, October 1, 2008

We are Back!

Mommy and Daddy packed our bags and took us off to a "resort" for a couple days. This was different than Ms. T's. We didnt get to play with the other big doggies, but there sure were a lot of little doggies around us, in their own safe places. Mommy seemed a little unusual when she left, but she didnt have anything to worry about, the peoples were real nice to us. Max is not used to them going away, so I stayed next to him and kept telling him they would be back soon.
We didnt know where they went, so while mommy was showering, I had Max keep a look out while I checked the flashy thing for evidence.
Looks like they found the water hole. I cant beleive they didnt take US with them!!! I dont know if I would want to ride on that floating thing though.
After we all got home, Mommy said we needed a bath. Max went first, then I showed him how it is done.
Step 1: Sit still while they spray water all over you.Step 2: Enjoy the massage
Step 3: pretend you arent loving all the touches and massaging with the towel on you
Step 3: Smile pretty for the flashy thing.
BARK!! Sasha the Princess


Mango said...

Sasha - You look just lovely after your bath. Hope you had fun at camp.


Amber said... are a pro at the bath thing! Here is my list of bathtime etiquette/rules:

1. As soon as you see the humans acting weird and going upstairs with lots of treats, RUN!
2. Find a good hiding place.
3. When that doesn't work, make them chase you around the kitchen table.
4. Once they catch you, reluctantly go upstairs with them but give them the saddest, most pitiful face you can muster. :) It doesn't work but I like to think it gets me even more treats. :) BOL!

Puppy Kisses,