Friday, October 24, 2008


Mommy came home and leashed me up for my walk. Then she did the unthinkable! She leashed dumb Max too! What is going on? Then her and Max walked out the door. I was sitting patiently waiting, and when she turned around and invited me to come too, I realized we were BOTH going on a walk with her TOGETHER! Mommy hasnt done that since Pedley was with us. I heard her tell daddy it was like harnessing a team of oxen. The next day we brought daddy along to carry the flashy for mommy's evidence of what good doggies we were.
At first we were very excited, but it was hard to get away with anything since mommy put us very close together so we would be good.

Then I started keeping an eye out for the little fast dirt runners. A couple times I had to drag dumb Max with me to investigate where it ran and hid.

Then I tried to get airborne like my friend Mango does when he is a bee. But with dumb Max tied to me, I couldnt get off the ground.

Mommy let us stop for a drink. Being a team of Oxen is hard work.

Then when daddy tried to get a drink, dumb Max stuck his face into the action. Of course mommy fell for his trick and thought it was the cutest thing.
Oh brother!

Because we were so good, mommy let go of the long rope and let us walk around together. Actually, we do make a good team. I guess dumb Max isnt all that dumb. When mommy calls us, he comes with me to go back to her.

Mommy has this thing about our behinds. She thinks they are so cute, and embarrasingly started taking pictures of them.
Sasha the Princess and Max the DUDE!


meemsnyc said...

You two look like you had a great walk. Fun!!

Mango said...

You got tied to dumb Max? That's not right. You do look kind of oxen like from the behind, I'm afraid.


Amber said... does look like hard work being a team of oxen! Good job! Don't worry...even though Max tries to steal your thunder by being cute and are still the Top Dog, I imagine. ;) Oh, and I know about the embarrassing butt shots...check out this link from back in May. My Mom does the same thing. :)

Have a great week!