Wednesday, October 22, 2008


Last night mommy, daddy, dumb Max and me went running. Well, mommy and daddy were on the wheelie things. Since Max always wants to race me, daddy took him off on his own, so they could race each other. Mommy and I went exploring.

One time when we passed this bush, I almost dragged daddy into it. I know there was a critter in there, but daddy wouldnt let me inspect. So each time we pass it, I keep a close eye on it. This time mommy let me explore.

I know your in there critter. Come on out and show yourself!
If your not going to come out, I am going in for you!
Well, nothing was there this time. But I will have to keep a close eye next time, to protect mommy and daddy!
On to explore some more. Next up was the exploding water. Oooohh my favorite.

Mommy always makes me get into position before I can enjoy. It goes something like this:

Mommy: "you know the rules... assume the position first."
Me: "Ok, like this? Can I drink now"
Mommy: "Good girl, go for it!"

Me: "Slurp, slurp, slurp" Mmmmm, this is good stuff.
Did you know us doggies do not lap UP water? We slurp it
under our tongue?

This is my sexy water pose. Too bad you can't see all the water coming down on me in the dark.
Now the sexy water off me shake

Coming to the end of our walk. It is too dark to see that Daddy and dumb Max are resting in the grass. Too much work out for them I guess. Mommy lets me loose and I get to run to daddy and give him a big face slurp!

Awwww... the perfect night. Now time to sleep!

BARK!! Sasha the Princess!

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Amber said...

Wow...looks like fun except for the sprinkler! I am scared to death of those things..every time one is on I make sure to walk very far around it and then get back onto the sidewalk. You are brave...maybe you can teach me about the sprinkler and I can teach you about the hairdryer. ;)