Monday, October 27, 2008


For the past 7 years, we have escaped away on Thanksgiving weekend to the beautiful area of Monterey and Carmel. We shared out first kiss there and have since made it our home away from home. We have always found something new to explore each time we visit.

Last year Sasha joined our adventure and what a fresh perspective to see our get-a-way spot from a dogs eye's. It was cool enough that she could stay in the Green Machine for any non-dog meals or shopping, but fortunately she was able to be with us in most of our exploration.

The first night there, she was the QUEEN of Cannery Row. After a quick happy hour stop (time for her to rest in the GM), we took her for a walk downtown among the shops and visitors. She was very well behaved and enjoyed the attention she received from every person that had to stop and talk to her, pet her or just ask what kind of dog she was. Of course, any time I left the pack to peer into a shop, she ignored all attention and kept a close eye on the door I disappeared into, until I returned safe.

The next day we took a guided walking tour of dog friendly downtown Carmel. She was able to walk through a hotel lobby and bar with us, of course stopping to be petted and admired. The most memorable was when we walked through a restaurant (an old silversmith building) and the party in the middle of the room fell silent to admire Sasha. At this point, she was more interested in their food, than the admiration. This restaurant even had a menu just for the dogs. If felt sorry for the rest of our party, as we were delayed at each stop, so Sasha could sign autographs for her admirers.

After a fun weekend, we headed home. For 2 1/2 days she had not been allowed freedom off the leash. To add a bit of fun to her trip, we found a deserted beach, took off her leash and let her run wild. With a sigh, we all packed up and headed home to pick up the newest member of our pack... Max.

Now we have to figure out how to do a trip like this with 2 Danes. So this year, we will once again go alone, and eagerly anticipate the "Glad to see you again" wagging tails.

Have a good week- Mindy Lu

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Amber said...

Hope you have a pawtastic week! The video made me crack up. ;)