Tuesday, October 14, 2008


One of those floaty things has lingered for a long time. Mommy thinks it is funny to torture us with these.
Personally, I think it is dog shameful. How can we look like elegant proud Great Danes with this silly thing following us around?
Max just doesnt seem to care. I tried to show him. "Look, silly pup! Look" But all he cares about if the petting it gets him.
He even proudly shows it off for mommy's flashy thing that pulled out to make it worse!
I followed him around trying to tell him how silly he looks, but he had to go in and show off to daddy too. By the way, notice daddy doing mommy's job here?

I think the Humane Society should be called and mommy needs to be reported for her torture to innocent sweet doggies like us! What do you think?

BARK! Sasha the princess!

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Amber said...


I wouldn't like it either but Max certainly doesn't seem to mind. I guess to each his own. Maybe you can make your Mommy feel bad with one of your sad looks and she will give you some food from the table. ;)