Tuesday, December 2, 2008


While mommy and daddy were away, they visited a place for animals. I snuck a looky on mommy's flashy things and hhhhhoooowwwwllll... I found they cheated on us!! After checking her pockets for our treats, Mommy told me they went to a place that helped BIG animals, bigger than us, after they were tired from working. It was called WILD THINGS. We couldnt picture animals bigger than us, so mommy showed me proof.Now these things look pretty big. Mommy said they were cats! What? A cat bigger than Me? Impossible!Then she showed me a picture of my cousin. Or at least he looked like he could be my cousin. But mommy shocked me when again, she told me he was a CAT! A CAT? Yes, mommy said A CAT! BARK!Mommy said she took this picture for me. She said it reminded her of me on my back smiling at her. I didnt know kitties smiled like this too.

She said this "thing" was laughing. But she wasnt sure if it was a kitty or doggie. I just know it looks like a good dancer. Look at those moves!

But what really made me BARK was this picture of daddy giving treats to these HUGE things with noses longer than mine! What is that mommy? She said they were Ellie Fonts. They suck things in their nose, then put into their mouth. WHAT? Why dont they hold it with their paw's like we doggies do. Mommy said their paws were too big. Bigger than our Paws? I cant beleive that. But then she showed me proof again:

I cant beleive Daddy was feeding those big doggies treats! Mommy asked them to wave hello to Max and me in front of her flashy-- and they did!

BARK!!! Sasha the Princess!


Amber said...

Cool....I hear ya though, a cat bigger than us...it seems very unlikely! Apparently, my ancestors used to hunt those really big ones with lots of fur around their faces! So, I think we could still take them...big or not! ;)

Anonymous said...

Hi Sasha and Max,

So nice to meet you! I'm a Dane too and I live in New Zealand.

You know what? I make my bed just like Sasha too! Take a look at this video on my blog:

Do come and visit me some time!

Honey the Great Dane