Monday, December 8, 2008


Even after 3 years of seeing this, it still cracks me up to watch her plant her behind on the sofa. Since the doggies are not allowed on the couch, unless we invite them to lay with us (rarely), a loud beeping pad is kept in place to discourage The Princess from taking over.
So the rare moment that she is allowed, she takes full advantage of it. On this day, the dining room table had been moved into the Living Room for the big Thanksgiving dinner, and she didnt have much room to lay, so she decided to join us, by taking a seat at the couch, and laying her head on the table.

I am sure all you big doggie owners can relate to this.

Mindy Lu-- The Princess and Dude's mom!


Amber said...

Oh yes, but I have to say it is rare that I get to see Nala sit like this as our couch is a tad too high for that. It still cracks me up to see doggies like that too!


The Zoo Crew said...

Oh, yes......can SO relate!!!

mhcowen said...

That is hilarious! Sure do love reading your blog. You are so creative! said...

Ooh - Sasha - I do this too! (Ahem - well, I'm not allowed on any furniture either but sometimes, when I'm snuggling with my humans, I sneakily put my bum on the sofa and then I look so cute that they don't have the heart to tell me to get off! Ha! Ha!)

Honey the Great Dane