Tuesday, December 16, 2008


All that wet stuff stopped coming down for a little bit. Mommy said since the sun was peeking out, we could go for a ride. I was so excited. Mommy took me first. After running a few minutes, I stopped to leave a present in front Mommy and daddy's friend's house. Mommy said that wasnt very nice, and wrapped the present up and threw it away. Mommy said the view was so pretty outside, with the sno toppled mothins, so she told me to strike a pose for the flashy. I was so excited to be outside, I would do anything she asked.

The only thing that looked like sno was this, when we crossed the street. Nothing else white around us. And this looked pretty dirty.

PAW! Mom took me out next. She said something about us learning to "dance". Not sure what that means, but her pockets smelled good, so I sat and waited for what she wanted.

I couldnt quite figure out what she was asking me to do. She kept holding out a treat and backing away. I would walk to her, sit down and then lay down. But then she would back up, so I would stand up again. Then she put the treat behind her leg. Finally I went through to get it. But she is too short and almost fell. I just wanted the treat. I was so focused, I missed the two other doggies that walked by. Mommy was glad I didnt see them until later, because she had dropped my leash.

After earning a lot of treats, she asked me to strike a pose for her flashy. I felt she deserved it after giving me all those good treats.

Then the sky started to get dark again, so we rode home.
Time to start napping!

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Mango said...

Get out! Are our mom's related or something? Mine is trying to teach me to walkie through her legs too and I always get stucked and then she laughs at me.

I like to leave presents too. Momma says I am a "three bagger"