Sunday, December 14, 2008


Daddy knows how par tick you lar I am about my bed being a certain way, yet he insisted on teasing me. He picked up my bed and kept it away from me. See how happy he is to torture me?
I know he is the pack leader, but this was going too far! I told him in no uncertain terms to "PUT MY BED DOWN NOW!" He still kept it from me. So I had to get physical.

I told mommy to get the flashy so we would have proof of what is going on in this pack. The Pack Leader is abusing his pack. What do you think?

BARK!! Sasha the princess!


dewdana said...

Oh No! Beds and bowls are 2 things that can not be messed with! Pooor girl, my Moose heard your woofing and was very worried for you! He did not get up out of his bed though lest the same thing happen to him, but he looked very worried!

Mrs. Domestic said...

(speaking through my mom's blog because she sub scribbed to you)

My name is Mischka and I HATE my sleeping arrangements. You got it bad? Mom and I used to sleep together...just the two of us. THEN she got married and THEN I got a brother. That's not the worse of it! THEN, a few weeks ago, MOM AND DAD KICKED ME OFF THE BED eventhough they KNOW that is MY bed.

Oh, and it gets worse. MY BROTHER SLEEPS ON TOP OF ME. I tried to tell him the bed on the floor is mine, but he has no sense of personal space. UGH.


Allison (Dog Mom) said...

Haroo! Sasha! Don't let that big pack leader push you around like that! Next time he does that, go get one of his big dopey shoes. That will stop him really fast. It works in our house!

Gus and Waldo

Amber said...

Sasha...good job telling your Dad to stop foolin' around with your bed! I like Gus & Waldo's idea of stealing his shoes next time! BOL!


Mango said...

BAD DADDY! No teasing the princess! You sound mad! Look at him all smiling. I think he and Dumb Max and out to get you.