Wednesday, December 17, 2008


Last week Gramma came over and her and mom were in the good smelling room all day. One of the treats mom put into the "off limits" room to keep away from us. A couple days later, Dad left the door open when mom was gone. The Princess said "Let's go see what goodies they left for us, after all, they did leave the door open for us, right". I told her I didnt think it was a good idea, but she went anyway. Later, dad came in and found the evidence all over the room, and the Princess not looking too good. I heard him call Mom and he said "Drunk?!" So dad took us outside for a long time. The princess was sleepy for most of the day, but then got ok again. Mom just laughed at us, after she got over worrying.

So this time I got to help mom in the kitchen. Here I am checking over the list of goodies for our baking. Looks like everything is there. Mom let me help her measure the rum. She said it is not good for doggies, and sometimes not good for hoomans either. I made sure she put in the right amount.
Mom let me inspect the package. I had to make sure she got it all out, and didnt leave any in the box. That little white thing looks pretty yummy.

Mom let me have a teeny tiny taste of the batter. She said that is the cooks treat when baking. I wasnt sure if I liked it too much.
But Dad sure like it!

I helped her put the cakes into the hot thing. I was very careful not to follow them too far in. They sure smelled good.
The Princess stepped into the room for just a minute to see what was going on. I told her to leave, as this was me and mom's time in the smelling room!

After dad got through with the goody bowl, he let me have a teeny tiny bit. But mom said doggies shouldnt have rum, and took it away to clean.

After a long time of the lair smelling really good, me and mom pulled the goodies out of the hot thing and they looked so good. Mom said I could smell them, but that was all. I am so proud of myself. I helped mom bake. She was pretty proud of me being such a good doggie too!
PAW! Max the Dude!
--Note from mom: Max did a great job. So good in fact, that he and Sasha later took all the boxes and eggs out of the trash, and inspected them to make sure nothing was left. Sorry, I missed the pictures on this. Evidence this morning shows that Max is the egg shell culprit. As for the previous rum cake snatching Sasha did, we watched her closely. She was a little lethargic, but alert and jumping around by time I got home. They must have stomachs of steel. Little peices of plastic wrap are appearing in the yard too.


mhcowen said...

Oh my! I think Doggie mommies work harder picking up than any one else I know! Looks great!

Allison (Dog Mom) said...

Haroo!! Gus and Waldo are snickering next to me. I'm pretty sure Waldo just whispered, "Way to go, Sasha!" under his breath.

We just tagged you for a fun game. Check out our site for details!

Mango said...

Max, dude, you have to watch out because mom's like to do poop inspection, so even when you think you hid the evidence, it tends to come out sooner or later.

Its fun to be tall, huh? My Beautiful Raja once ate half a cheese cake just by putting her face on the counter.


Amber said...

BOL! Good job helping Max! Hope the egg shells were tasty! ;)


HawaiianDane said...

Cool dud Max!! Huey loves licking the beaters - I see you got to lick the bowl! It's always fun when you get to help mom bake!