Thursday, December 18, 2008


Gramma came over again today. Actually she is a Great Gramma, like we are Great Danes! She was putting paper all over stuff. She asked if we would like to help-- Bow wow wow- yes! I gave her my nose to help her tape and tie bows. She said I was very helpful.

Max distracted her for a little bit while I...
snuck into her purse to look for some goodies. I couldnt find anything tasty, and all I could smell was a furry, but it wasnt in the purse.

Max was pretty sure that there is something in that box for him, so he stood guard for a long time and wasnt very helpful.
Gramma said I was the best helper EVER! BARK!
Sasha the Princess


meemsnyc said...

It's so nice of the two of you to help your grammy wrap gifts.

Amber said...

Good job helping your Gramma! Too bad you didn't find anything to play with or eat in her purse. :)


Mango said...

Its great you have a grandma to come over and help put paper on packages. Don't give up on that purse. There are goodies in there for sure.


Our Girl Blue said...

You guys are great helpers! I like to help, too, but you're much better at it than me. I like to try to help when there's food involved. Hope you're all doing well!