Tuesday, December 23, 2008


Mom has been rushing around for awhile lately. Bringing home lots of bags, then wrapping paper around them. Then they put a tree in the living room, which confused me, as I thought trees were in the ground outside. Then they hung stuff on the tree. I had to sniff each one, but nothing smelled yummy. Then all the paper wrapped stuff got put under the tree. Mom said we had to stay away from those, so we just lay close by and keep and eye on them.

Today mom came home with some things that smelled sort good. She let me sniff them as she put more on the tree. Now she says I have to stay away from them on the tree. And she seems a lot more relaxed today. I heard her tell dad "It is all done, lets rest".

I heard something about Santa Paw's coming tommorrow night. I sure hope he brings up some yummy goodies.

PAW!! Max the Dude!


Mango said...

Max! You did like an art photo. Cool! Glad mom can relax and put her feet up for a bit. I bet there is something for you under the tree (and the princess too).

Happy Holidays,

Bianca's mom said...

Wuf! Wuf! Merry Christmas from Bianca and Buddy!

(We're taking a break from destroying mommy's house, since it is a holiday and all.)