Thursday, December 25, 2008


Before going to bed last night, mommy told us not to bark at Santa Claws when he came down the chimney. We were a little worried because the fire was still hot. We never smelled him, but when mommy and daddy woke us, we had presents to upwrap. Daddy helped me with my first one. I sniffed it, but couldnt smell a treat. Then daddy pulled out a package. It still didnt smell like a treat, but I was intrigued.
He and mommy seemed excited about it, so I gave it some more attention. I heard mommy say something about a "crazy" lady making it.
Max was able to open his own present. He will chew on anything put in his paws. He sniffed it for a bit, then started biting the present. See the picture of my cousin Scooby Doo all over the paper?
Max even opened the box all on his own. But since there wasnt a goodie in it, he walked away. Then mommy made it jingle and it got both our attention. So he took the package back to his bed to inspect it.
"hmmm, doesnt smell like a treat, but makes a fun noise"
"Let's see how it tastes"- Dumb Max, mommy had to tell him to "LEAVE IT!" before he would let go.
Then we found out the presents were clothes. We wondered why mommy and daddy had us naked all week. Mommy brought out the flashy thing and took pictures. Daddy was real excited about the colors. Mine is a girl color, so no one will ask anymore. As if I dont look like a girl with my pretty honey colored eyes!
Max got his in a boy color, and daddy really likes it. Not too many people ask if Max is a boy, because he has an extra part showing under his belly.
Then mommy pulled out some really big packages, and we could smell those ones. So we posed real pretty with our new clothes. Max has his new "forever home" tag on too.

Then she put the big packages at our feet and made us wait to open them. We were so good. Max doesnt like the flashy very much. But he waited patiently.
He LOVED his package!

I dont like sitting for long, but I did it as long as mommy asked, so I could open my goodie!


Mommy and daddy then kept taking off paper from other packages. But we just focused on our goodies. "Real good mommy!"
"Yeh, YUM mom!!"
"Chomp, Chomp, Chomp"

Daddy got some clothes too, and a bunch of other dumb boy stuff. But he seemed real happy. I couldnt smell anything yummy about it, so just kept...
"Crunch, Crunch, Crunch, slurp"
Merry Pawmas!
**Note from mommy: The collars were not made by a crazy lady, but a really nice dog owner/lover. Check out her website listed on the side view. The collars are beautiful, and she will work personally with you, for your beloved pet.


Mango said...

Those bones sure look yummers. I have one just like them that I am enjoying on my observation deck. I like your girlie clothes. You are such a princess. OK, Max looks good too.


SewCrazyDogLady said...

Yeah! they look great! Wow those are some awesome bones there...

Amber said...

What a pawtastic Christmas you had!!! Those bones look yummy and I LOVE your collars....I will have to tell Mom about this "crazy" not so crazy but really cool dog lady who sews! I need a more girly collar too because people always think I'm a boy as well! Mom says it's because I am so tough, muscular, and fast but the silly humans need to know that girls rule/boys drool and we can totally beat the boys! ;) BOL! (sorry Max but I have to stick with the dog sistas on this one ;) Enjoy your presents!


HawaiianDane said...

Horray for Doggy Christmas! cool presents! Huey & Higgins got a lot of new fun toys too!

WOOF - Happy New Year!