Thursday, December 4, 2008


Just before daddy took us to Ms T's, they brought out the yummy butter. But instead of putting it in our toys, they put it right in our mouth. When mommy made me sit and then smile, I wasnt sure what she was doing. She put her hand in my mouth, and I was a good girl and sat very still. When she pulled her hand back, I tasted yummies high in my mouth. It lasted a long time. In fact I think we could still taste it when mommy and daddy got home from their away time.

Note from mommy--- I put PB up in their jowls. It was quite fun to watch them try to get to it.


Mango said...

She put PB in your JOWLS? And then she laughied at you? Bad mommy! :-)


Amber said...

It's ok if they laugh as long as we get the goods! Peanut butter is the best!