Thursday, July 31, 2008


I love bones!
Meat bones, ham bones, treats shaped like bones, you name it. Dumb pup usually tries to hide or bury his, but I can find it.

I can chew on my bones FOREVER. That dumb man that whispers to dogs told mommy and daddy not to leave toys out all the time, that we have to "work" to get them. But I know where they keep them. If I give them those "special" eyes, and look up to the bones, mommy or daddy will usually give in and let me have the bone.

Sometimes they will let us have them in our Safe Place when they are gone for a long time. When they let me out, I go back into my safe place and find my bone and bring it out with me, and carry it around until daddy takes us out to go pee. Then I will drop it on his or mommy's foot, which usually emits a loud sound from them.

Yesterday, I finally cracked one of the bones into little peices. It took a lot of work, but was very satisfying. So I went and got the bigger bone and set to work on it next. Mommy was quite impressed with the work I did on it. Can you see my bite out of it?


Anonymous said...

Sasha, you so sound like Chelsea...she lurves bones & when having a break from chewing them she stores them down the back of lounges or under pillows...

Mango said...

Those are some impressive chompers you have on you. Have you tried the raw meaty bones yet? They rock!


Anonymous said...

Sasha - my Big Dumb Puppy (BDP) loves to chew and if he doesn't have enough bones he goes in my closet and picks out my shoes!

Remind your Mom to go to Stater brother's meat counter and ask them for a femur bone then tell them to cut it for the dogs - they'll cut it into slices and you can eat the yummy yummy marrow! Boomer didn't want to chew them when he first came here because he was shy but now they're his favorite

meemsnyc said...

We see one of the bones is a greenies! We love the cat Greenies.