Wednesday, July 23, 2008


Mommy dearest went away and my big ole paws wouldnt fit the on the keyboard. Almost as bad as daddy, who doesnt get it at all. Mommy went to a place called Chick a go. She left excited and came back excited. She goes there every year to learn more stuff about her kitchen business. Daddy stayed home to take care of me and brother Max.

I dont like when mommy is gone, cause I have to share daddy with dumb Max. He takes us on walks together and then Max acts up and I have to set him straight, then daddy gets mad at me. So I didnt get my alone daddy time in the mornings. I am glad mommy is back now.

Mommy said we got picked to maybe get an award. I hope there are treats with it. She has to figure out how it works first, as this is our first. Way to go for ME!!! Mommy says I need to be a little more modest. I think NOT!

Now that she is back, she is pulling out the flashy thing again. Daddy never let us play with our toys, so mommy pulled them down. I really like the yellow bouncy thing we got from the GIFT EXCHANGE. If it is left out, I can go get it anytime and it bounces without mommy having to do it. And she always gets happy when I play alone with it. But I really really like the pink squishy bone. It makes noises!

But then Max went and got the yellow bouncy and he likes to just chew. It takes mommy's attention away from me! DUMB PUP!!

BARK-- Sasha the Princess

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Anonymous said...

well i'm glad you're back and getting to play with your toys and have your time away from Max. you're a pretty silly girl sasha