Monday, July 28, 2008


When I first came to live with Mommy and Daddy, there was another pack member that I wasnt quite too sure about. It was black and furry, but it was so small. And the noises it could make were terrifying. Ms T. had taught me to get along with everything furry, but this one was a different story. I would try to get close to sniff it, and it would hiss and try to hide from me. Ms T. even came to our house and taught me to not even LOOK at it.

Most of the time it would hide in mommy's special room, where I wasnt allowed. Daddy put a little door on the room, so it could come as go as it pleased. But whenever it came out of the room, it made a loud howling noise. I had never heard noises like that before, so I would go to explore and next thing I know I was in trouble again.

After a long time, I finally got used to the thing and left it alone. Sometimes when I was sleeping, I would see it sneak up and try to sniff me, but would run off pretty fast. I never had a problem with it, but it was just so noisy. It couldnt walk into any room without announcing it's arrival. Even late at night while we were all sleeping, it would come out and make all kinds of racket. This usually ticked off daddy and a lot of time he would go put it back into mommy's special room.

I heard mommy say IT was her "special kitty" and she had been around longer than daddy, so daddy had to just understand. Plus she was getting old, cranky and sore. She started moving slower and then hardly ever came out of the special room. Shortly after Max arrived, they had an altercation and mommy and daddy had to take her to the pack Doctor. Mommy came home crying and sat and hugged me for a long time. Daddy was real sad too. I heard them say "Spike is happier now, she can run and jump without howling".

Max and I are glad that mommy hasnt brought another furry thing home, as it would be too hard a temptation to leave alone. Sometimes when mommy comes home she smells like another furry, and we can allow that. But we remember her each day we walk past this stone that mommy made for her.



Anonymous said...

that's a nice memorial - it's so hard to lose a loved pet, especially when another ahem loved pet has something to do with it. spike was adorable.

Luna T. Katt said...

Aww that is a really cool memorial!