Tuesday, July 8, 2008


On Friday, mommy and daddy awoke with a different energy. I knew something was up right away as they were happy when they came out of the masters lair.

They took us out riding and there were a lot of people around our turf! We saw several dogs in our territory, but they were far enough away to not worry.

Mommy and daddy kept leaving the house

and coming back in to check on us. We didnt hear much, but could sense and smell a lot going on around our den. Max thought he heard a couple loud noises outside, but I told him to just relax.

Later, mommy and daddy left again and put us in our safe places for awhile. We must of been really good doggies, because we got a music box in our room, with mommy special jazzy music playing near us. We didnt hear anything outside of our safeplaces, but it did smell different. After mommy and daddy came home, we went outside to pee. Right then a loud nose scared Max and he peed all the way to the house. Mommy laughed at him, then she turned the jazzy music back on, so he went back to sleep for the night.

The next day, mommy and daddy got up late again. This time we all got to go hang out in the yard. I dont know what is up with mommy. She has been digging holes by the side of the house. I know she doesnt like it when we dig! She even bought a spray to make Max stop. Maybe we should have daddy spray some near where she is digging, so she will stop.

Daddy set up a door so we cant follow mommy to where she is digging. He tore up the yard again, and now wont let us go on it. the door has a lot of holes in it, so I know there has got to be a way to get through it. I want to be with mommy!

So Max and I watch her from the other side of the fence. All that digging, if she just called us over, we could get it done a heck of a lot faster. She said something to daddy about a Garden.

When we are in the yard for awhile, mommy always sprays me and her with this funny smelling stuff. But I notice those black bity things dont bug me as much. A freind of hers sells it and said it was natural and ok for doggies too. I am so glad mommy cares for me. I used to get little bumps when those bity things bit me. Ouch!


Chef said...

Hi Mindy Lu.. just wondering if you've sent out your Goody Exchange package to Ezzy and Jag. I'm trying to finish up with the Exchange but I don't have them down as having received a package.


Mindy Lu said...

Hi handsome Chef-- yes, Ezzy and Jag have their package opening on their June 14th posting: http://ezzyridersadventures.blogspot.com/
We had fun with ours too! BARK! Sasha the Princess

Mango said...

We have one of those garden things too. Master put fence all around it so that I couldn't help, but I'm allowed to eat anything that comes through the fence.