Friday, July 25, 2008


Another big box came yesterday. Mommy was excited, so we were too. But this time she didnt let me bite it open. We were anxious to see what was in it.

"What is it mommy? I dont see any stuffies and nothing smells like a bone!"

"Hmmm, this cookbook smells good. Can I chew on it?"
Max decided the Pepper Grinder was going to be his new toy. No matter how much mommy pushed him away, he kept coming back for it.

Mommy finally gave him a box of his own to chew on. He was happy with that for awhile. What a dumb pup!
Since I am such a Princess, mommy gave me my own Silicone bunt Crown. I wasnt too thrilled about it. But dumb Max was really scared of it and kept running away. I guess he isnt a Prince after all.
We heard Mommy tell daddy she earned all these things from her kitchen business. Way to go Mommy!!


meemsnyc said...

Oooh Pampered Chef products! Those are goodies to enjoy!

Anonymous said...

very cool :-)

Roy said...

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