Wednesday, July 30, 2008


Mommy came home and let me out of my safeplace, but didnt let out dumb pup Max. What a treat. Then she quickly put my leash on and took me to the big green machine. Yippee!!! A car ride!!! We drove for a bit, and she stopped at a big building and got out to talk to some lady. She came back with a package and told me what a good girl I had been then we started riding again. Next stop was another building, and she got out again without me. She went into the building without me, but I wasnt worried, since the cool air was still blowing on me. She came back out, opened my door, told me "The coast is clear" and brought me into the building with her. I could smell all kinds of other furries, but didnt see any. Mommy took me to a far corner and we sat down and waited...for what? I didnt know, but since mommy kept petting me and telling me I was a good girl I waited with her. Then other furries started appearing. One barked at me! Mommy told me to be good, so I didnt bark back. I saw other furries coming out in cages, but mommy kept me away from them. Then I heard someone call me and mommy's name. We went into a little room. People kept saying how BIG I was. The lady in the room told mommy to hold my face, so mommy started petting me again. I liked that. Next thing I know, it felt like a little bug bit me. It didnt hurt, but I didnt know what it was. Mommy said I was being such a good girl, that is all that mattered. Then mommy asked the lady if they could "weigh" me. I didnt know what that meant, but followed them down a hall. I could hear a lot of barking and another furry was making a loud noise like our Spike used to make. I tried to look in the room, but mommy dragged me away. Then I walked on this cold metal thing and mommy gasped! What? What? Mommy said: "131 pounds?!! WOW, you are a BIG girl!" Then she kept saying, "Gosh" over and over. When we went back out front to all the other furries another lady offered me a couple bisquits. But I just saw how much I weigh, and now I have to start eating more delicatly. So I politely took the treat, then dropped it on the ground. Gotta watch my girlish figure you know.

What do you think? Do I look FAT? Or Fluffy? I think I am just right and mommy and daddy seems to love me just as I am!


mum of critters said...

absolutely FLUFFY :-) not an ounce of fat on you girl!

Chef said...

Just more of you to love, Mindy Lu... you look great to me!!

Abbey said...

You look just beautiful...

Mango said...

I should have warned you. That metal thing is a scale and whenever you get on it, you wind up getting less foodables (I successfully avoided it for almost a year). You are just a little petite flower.