Friday, July 11, 2008


When I first came to live with mommy and daddy, I was allowed anywhere I wanted to go. It was so cool, as they had a HUGE bed for me in the front room with all the windows and another one in the back room. I could lay on anything. Then they started watching this dumb man on the picture box who told them something about THEM being the pack leader! WHAT??? Who says? After that, I was limited where I could go and where I could lay. That was quite a shock. I dont know if I like that BAD man! If he whispers, how can any dog hear him?
Mommy and I had to battle it out, because I was not going to back down eazy... NO WAY! After many times of being "OFF!" the big beds, mommy put this black thing on it. Now when I try to get on the big beds, it make a really loud noise that hurts my ears. So I have learned to stay away from it, except when another dog comes into my territory (I keep a close watch through the windows).

But this morning, when mommy was petting me, it felt so good that I just backed up and plooped my big rear (according to her) on the big bed. The black thing started squealing, but mommy pushed it out of the way and kept loving me. Then she made daddy go get the flashy thing again. She let me stay on the bed while daddy pet me.After the petting was done, she made me get off and then put the black thing back. DANG!!

Anyway, this is what us big doggies do. It is so comfortable to get the weight off our back legs. And mine seems to be tired more lately. Your lap will do just as good, so be prepared!

BARK- Sasha the Princess (and treated like one!)


Anonymous said...

mums not letting you take over the house anymore eh? bummer dogs!

Mango said...

You just keep being super cute and they won't be able to resist letting you back on your bed.


Zinger said...

hey guys, we nominated you for an award :-)