Saturday, August 29, 2009


The other night, mom and dad started acting weird. Dad was in the back yard, and mom tried to sneak past us and get his shoe's. This alerted us, they are going out. So we got up and got ready to go too. Then mom was in the smelly room, putting some of our treats in a bag. Goody, we get a treat, then we get to go out. But then mom tied the bag up, and went out the back door, and her and dad disappeard. We watched for them for a long time, but they didnt come back. We were pretty sure they went for a walk without us, which was pretty rude, we think!
Then to make it worse, when they returned, they had the smell of another furry on them! What this? We never smelled it before, but were quite sure it may be a cousin of our's. Then mom told us... "A new cousin moved into the neighborhood, so went to say hi, without you doggies scaring the poor pup to death!" Hummpphh... US? Scare another furry? Well, I guess she did have a point. Mom said her name is Sasha too, just like my big sis. Mom had to tell her why we cant meet her.
She was sad, because she was hoping to find other pups her size to play with. Mom told her about my cans her, and how I only get to go sniff the park in the morning. Sasha's mommy said they would go the park later so I could have the morning by myself. Now I think that is awfully nice of Sasha and her mommy, so I like her already! But, I am still a bit bugged about mom and dad going to share their love with another pup, even if she is a cuzin. But after mom showed me this picture of sasha with her little brother, how could I be mad anymore. Isnt that the cutest darn thing you have ever seen. Look at that pup, trying to make itself so small to fit in her brothers lap. I try to do that in mom's lap and it doesnt quite work right.
We were glad again, when mom layed on the floor and gave us all kind of love. So all is well again!
PAW!!! Max the Dude!

MOM's note: To protect the young, I did not want to post Sasha's brothers face without permission, so please forgive my scribble scratch. I am not very picture literate with computer stuff.


Mango said...

Yuh, we understand about the whole picture thing. Momma always tries to explain my bloggy and ask permission when she takes pictures, but it is just too complicated when there are human pups around so you will never see them on my bloggy either.

That new neighbor dog looks really cute. I hope you get to meet her.


Anonymous said...

Dear Sasha and Max,

How lovely to have a new pup near you - and such a considerate one!

What a loverly cuddle they are having!
I fink your Mumma did the right thing to conceal the bub's identity - I bet the original would precious though!

Mr Darcy

Woodrow, Luna, MJ Campanella said...

she is so cute - maybe you will meet her someday

Woodrow - Sweetie - MJ

the professionals said...

yep those hoomans can be very very sneaky...

Anonymous said...

Dear Max,
I have tagged you to play a game.
Go to my bloggy to see what its about, ok?

Mr Darcy

Honey the Great Dane said...

Oh Max & Sasha - my human does that to me all the time! She is always going to places and fussing other dogs and then I can smell them all over her when she comes home. Sometimes, she even does it when I'm there - like when we go to dance practice, she sometimes makes do a Down Stay while she goes to play with some of the other dancing dogs...and even gives them some of my treats!! But anyway, I am used to it now and don't mind too much as I always get a nice treat when she gets back as a reward for being so patient! :-)

Honey the Great Dane