Monday, September 7, 2009


PAW! Max the dude here! Mr Darcy tagged me for a game? Me, not the princess? Can you believe it? Well, here goes:


Laying in the warm dirt. Yes, this is just today. See how happy it makes me? Mom hates how dirty and dusty I get, but if it makes me smile, she is happy too.

Meditating on my bed. Lately it has been hard to get comfortable, and mom laughs at some of the odd postions I get into. But when I was laying this way, mom said she wanted to come lay right down next to me. I invited her, but she said I was too dirty.

I am happy when my sissy The Princess is calm. When she is calm, everyone is calm. Sometimes she lays right next to me, and lets me touch her with my paw. I knew if I stayed nice to her, she would finally be nice to me too.

I am happy that sissy finally gets treats in the morning too. Mom said it should help her back legs walk a little better. She waits like a Princess for me to get my treats, then takes hers too.

I am happy when mom takes me out for sniffies. Then she sits down and reads from a book and it seems to make her real happy. After that I get lots of loving. I am glad the book makes her happy too.

It makes me happy when daddy loves on me and plays with me. I dont know what this "cans her" thing is, but I am glad that mom and dad still play with me and nothing has changed. Dad can be pretty funny sometimes. It sure makes my tail wag!

PAW! Max the Dude

Note from mom: The growth on Max's leg is getting bigger, but his limping hasnt gotten any worse. The vet originally explained the growth as bone growing around the outside of the bone, to compensate for the inside deteriorating. We are not sure what all that entails, but keep going day by day. Max is a little slow when he gets up from laying for awhile, but is still eager to go for a walk, or play a tiny bit in the backyard, which makes my heart glad. We have no idea how long we have, but as long he continues to eat and get up, without showing any signs of pain, we will thank Jesus for a blessed day!


dewdana said...

Oh what a happy handsome boy you are Max! I am so glad you are still feeling good and able to savor each day with your family. Seeing happy dogs makes me happy too!
Moose + Dana

Mango said...

Max Dog! Lying in the dirt totally rocks. It is soft and cool. Who cares if you bring dirt into the house? You're a DOG!

Your dad sure can open his mouth wide. Is he putting a headlock on the princess?


Woodrow, Luna, MJ Campanella said...

we will keep our paws crossed for you guys

Woodrow - Sweetie - MJ

Anonymous said...

Dear Max,
I really enjoyed reading about your six things! It shows what a kind and considerate chap you are!
The bestest photo is of you in the dirt with your hugely happy smile!
Your pawrents are doing great by you. When I got the wobblers Mumma was freaking out for a couple of days and it made me really unhappy. When she noticed that it was making me unhappy she stopped freaking out and I have been a happy boy ever since. Your pawrents are doing a great job at keeping you happy :o)

Mr Darcy

Life With Dogs said...

Number two is sure hard to argue with :)
I hope Max continues to be happy...he's a beauty.