Monday, August 17, 2009


I cant help but reflect back to almost 2 years ago, when Max first joined our household. Sasha was really put out and very anxious to show him who the Princess of the lair was. Now as I watch them tuffle together, and bump into each other trying to get to us, I am so glad that she adjusted to him, and seems to care about him. Of course she still has her jealous moments. Especially if she is being loved on, and Max tries to butt in, but most of the time, she will let him push her away to get to his destination. But then again, she does her fair amount of pushing him away too.

The other night, my heart was warmed to see them laying side by side. We call them the bookends when this happens. Quite a lot of the time, they have their legs positioned in exactly the same pose when they are asleep. I think I will just faint over if I ever catch them cuddling up together.
Love Sasha (The Princess) and Max (The Dude)'s mom! Mindy Lu
PS- I am overwhelmed by all the encouragement, sweet words, thoughts and prayers being sent our way for Max. We have not received the blood results yet. With the exception of his limp, he is such a happy dog, that it is almost easy to pretend there is nothing wrong. I am just praying for stength to handle what ever comes. We all have an end, some sooner than others. I just want Max's to be be a gentle one, if his is sooner. I know my Jesus will give me what I need when I need it. Until then, I will enjoy every minute!


Mango said...

It is so nice to see you snuggling. It is OK to get gruff if he tries to horn in on your special love time. I do the same thing. I am sure that having you close by makes his leg hurt less.


Jan's Funny Farm said...

Sibling rivalry. Happens in our family too.

We hope the best for Max!

dewdana said...

They are so sweet together! I am glad you are staying positive. We look forward to good news soon.

pam said...

My puppies sleep touching each other. No matter what something has to touch. Cuteness!!

Anonymous said...

Herro Sasha and Max!

You guys shouldn't be ashamed of snuggling! Snuggling is my bread and butter!
You know how that song goes...
"what the world needs now, is snuggles, sweet snuggles"
well it goes something like that.

Keep well Max
healing smooches,
Mr Darcy

Amber and Nala said...

Oh my....we have missed so much! Max baby, we are thinking of you and hope you feel better sweet boy! It just has to be one of the first two so then the doctors can make it go away! We are very sorry you have to go through this. That is a very sweet picture of you and Sasha....Mom says it warms her heart too!

Lots of love and licks,