Friday, August 7, 2009


Mom is getting worried about my leg. It has a bump on it. At first I just limped a little in the morning, so mom thought I was just getting old. But now I limp more often during the day, and favor my owie. Mom is getting worried and is talking about taking me to the doggie doctor next week. I hope it gets better before that lady comes again who walks with me and mom and shows me how to not bark at other doggies.
PAW- Max the Dude

Note from mom: We have been able to avoid vets so far with our big doggies, minus one skin hive incident. This is scary. Has anyone else experienced this with a big dog? His front joint is swollen. We can touch it and squeeze it a little with no whining, but he does pull away a little, so it is tender. His limp isnt as bad once we get to walking at a steady pace, but around the house he really favors it. We never saw any incident where he could have hurt it, so not sure what to think. If it doesnt go down over the weekend, we will call a vet on Monday.


Mango said...

That looks very serious. Don't forget how brave us big doggies are so we will pretend it doesn't hurt as much as it does.

Momma says you should most certainly go to the V-E-T. OK?


MurphyDog said...

Ouch! My mom said she would be worried...from the picture it looks like your leg is quite swollen.

She said us Danes are prone to something nasty called osteosarcoma. She's extra cautious about any swelling or limping when it comes to legs, prolly cuz she lost both of her previous danes to it.

Hopefully its just a soft tissue injury and will heal up quickly, but a trip to the Betterinarian might be a good idea.

wags, slobbers & wiggles

Anonymous said...

Herro Max - Ouch that looks really painful :(

I hope everything goes well at the vet and that they can make you better.
In the mean time maybe you could ask your Mumma for an ice pack to get the swelling down and numb any discomfort.

O and if they want to shave you make sure you ask for something nice - don't let them experiment with some sort of trendy new 'do on you, ok buddy?

Mr Darcy

dewdana said...

Hey there Max, I left a comment the other day and Blogger ate it! I was answering your comment about knee troubles and I don't think they have the same ligaments in the wrist (and it looks like it is your wrist that is troubled). I suggest stopping by (& joining orthodogs, they have lots of info and it is a very active group so if you post a question there are lots of knowledgable people that will answer. No substitute for going to the vet, but they can give you a hint about the problem anw what you should do.
I hope you are getting better though and sorry it took so long to answer you!
Moose's mom
Here is the orthodog site:

Woodrow, Sweetie, MJ Campanella said...

poor ouchies - hope you are all better

Woodrow - Sweetie - MJ