Saturday, August 15, 2009


BARK! There has been a change in our morning routine. Mommy and daddy still wake early, but mommy stays in her chair longer. Me and daddy go for a walk, and mommy and max leave later. They dont walk as long, but max seems to still be happy. The other day when daddy and I got home, mommy was all dirty. Max gave her a paw and hit her in the face and got her all muddy. Bad max. Mommy says Max has a hurt leg, but he still gives them the paw and sometimes messes them up.

Mommy used to be in a hurry to leave in the morning, but lately she stops to give us treats. This is new and Max seems to get more than me. Mommy takes a long time preparing Max's treats. Daddy calls them a "pill coktale". Im not sure what that means. Sometimes bits of his treats fall on the floor and mommy grabs them real quick and put them in his mouth and then holds his head. I never let a crumb fall from mine.

Max hears mommy getting the treats ready and runs into the smelling room and sits right down. She makes him do little tricks to get his treats, like look at her, look away from the treat, ignore the treat. He is getting real good at that. I sit very still and wait like a good princess would. Then she tells Max to ignore the treat and she gives me one too. When mommy comes home, she does it again. We like this new routine! BARK! Sasha the Princess


Woodrow, Sweetie, MJ Campanella said...

good luck with your new routine - we dont like changes to our routines - but it always turns out okay

Woodrow - Sweetie - MJ

Mango said...

And here I thought you weren't supposed to play with your food.

I bet momma doesn't mind those paw prints too much. She is brave to wear white.