Tuesday, August 11, 2009


PAW to every furry. Mom got on the 'puter today and her eyes started leaking again. She said lots of nice furry's are wishing well for me and told me to tell everyone it means a lot to us. I didnt know so many doggies cared, but it sure feels good.

Mom has been giving me a lot more treats than usual, but they taste a little different. They arent as yummy as usual, and mom holds my head while I eat them. She never did that before, but I like it, so I eat them all up. Sasha stands next to me and asks for some too, but mom gives her different ones.

Me and mom didnt go for our usual walk, but she took me across the street to the park, so I could sniff some pee-mail. Then I layed down while she read her big Book. She said this Book makes her feel better, and sometimes she closes her eyes while she is reading it. I sense her energy is calmer when we go home after that.

Some questions were asked that mom said she needed to answer, so here's mom...

Note from mom: Yes, they xray'd Max and showed us where his bone is deteriorating on the inside, and more bone is growing over it to compensate. Since a bone biopsy is so invasive, we chose not to be so aggressive. The blood tests will confirm if it is one of the first 2 two options. If both of those turn up negative, then we are looking at the worst. Right now I am just hoping and praying for the best, and trying not to show "weepies" around the dogs, so they dont start mis-behaving. Thank you for everyone's support, it really helps a lot- Mom

PS from Max-- Mango... GREAT idea about the ice cream! Think I will give mom "the look" to break her down.


Mango said...

Max Dog! Those medicine treats can be quite tasty and often make you feel most good on the inside. I am glad you are reading the Book with Mom and helping her be calm. You are very brave.


pam said...

Hey Max use 'the look' to get yer mom to go get you some Frosty Paws.

It's totally yummers ice cream for use doggies. In the freezer section (whatever that is.)

Bobo and Meja

Jan's Funny Farm said...

Waiting for answers is very hard. We hope when you hear, the news is not as bad as feared.

Woodrow, Sweetie, MJ Campanella said...

Medicine treats are yuckie - but they make you better

Woodrow - Sweetie - MJ

Life With Dogs said...

The fear of the unknown is so tough. We are hoping for the best possible outcome. I hope that ice cream stare is working. :)

the professionals said...

we heard about your sickies from mango and just wanted to say hi and tell you we are sending special healing energies all the way from new zealand!

Anonymous said...

Herro Dear Max,

Awww I am sorry your leg is being so naughty and you can't even go for a good walk. Going out to watch the world go by and check the latest peemail is a good second, though.

We are sending you many many positive vibes, so much, that I think if you listen carefully, and point your tail in the right direction you could probably tune into them! try it ok?

Mr Darcy

chicamom85 said...

Its cool that you get special treats just for you. When Mom tries to sneak medicine in my treats I always manage to spit it out. I know I shouldn't but I just want the treat. I hope yours tastes good and I hope you are feeling better. I am thinking really good thoughts for you, do you feel it?? Power of the Paw!

licks and sniffs, Sasha
p.s. Mom is praying for Max

Gus, Louie and Callie said...

Oh we are so sorry to hear about Max.. We are sending our big heeler vibes to you and your mom...

Big Sloppy Kisses
Gus, Louie and Callie

dewdana said...

Oh dear Max, so worried for you but will really hope and pray that it works out. All paws crossed here at the Moose Lodge...
Moose + Dana

BRUTUS said...

Hi Max-
We read about you on Sasha & Mango's sites, thought we'd coem over to sniff around & send you good vibes. Sorry to hear your leg has an owie - hope your humans can find out what it is and can make it better fast! We'll kep or stubby little paws crossed for you big guy!!

Brutus the Frenchie

Anonymous said...

geez mindy i'm so sorry you're going through this and Max is not feeling well :( sorry I've been so off in my keeping up on blogs but i'll watch closer! keep me posted! praying for you guys now!