Wednesday, August 26, 2009


PAW! I got a box from the man in uniform. And it had MY name on it. NOT the Princess. So what was she doing, taking it and prancing around the lair? Mom finally took it away from her, and dad let me pull out the treat inside.
It didnt smell much like a treat, so I tasted it.
Didnt taste much like one either.
Mom said it is a sling, something that will help my leg. She said her and dad can now help me not step on it as much. My leg doesnt seem very strong lately, but I am glad mom and dad want to help me.
Mom says she found a really nice lady who makes these doggie handles to help doggies with all kinds of walking and standing problems. The lady was really nice, and even made mine custom to fit my big man chest. But I am a little nervous that people might think I am a purse or something. I sort of look like the thing mom wears on her arm when she leaves the lair. But I guess if dad is ok with it, then I can be too. What do you think? PAW! Max the Dude!
Note from Mom: The K9caddy seems to be the perfect fit for what we were looking for to help Max not put all his weight on his leg. We are hoping to be able to keep him up and about as long as possible. After contacting this company, I had the caddie the next day. After it didnt fit right, they made a custom one for us, and got it just as fast. I am very impressed. We are even looking forward to using this for Sasha's rear legs, as they are slowing stiffening up with possible arthritis.


Mango said...

How lovely that you were able to get one in Max's size... and color coordinated! I hope it helps him get around a bit. Lookin' good, dude.


Woodrow, Luna, MJ Campanella said...

you look very handosme in your caddy - hope it helps - we dont think you look like a purse way to handsome for that

Woodrow - Sweetie - MJ

pam said...

Meja said you look very handsome in yer color coordinated thingymabobby.

I am a manly man myself so I'll just say 'Don't let yer sister steal yer presents!'


BRUTUS said...

We think it looks like a cummberbun - now you just need the bow tie to go with it! You are so lucky to have humans that care so much about you, Max!

Brutus the Frenchie

Jan's Funny Farm said...

We don't think you're a purse. We think that's a neat idea.

We should get one for Jan so she will stop complaining about her legs while we walk her. Problem is, we're not sure how she'd feel about walking on all fours in order to wear it.

Your family sure does love you.

the professionals said...

max we think that is a great invention and if someone thinks you are a purse we think they need their eyes checked! - odd thing... our word verification is hobils...

Anonymous said...

Dear Max,
Be assured that if you are a purse, you are a most stylish one!

Move over Prada for house of Max!

Mr Darcy

Honey the Great Dane said...

Hey Max - I don't think you look like a purse at all! OK, maybe a very unusual "manbag"....hee! hee! Just joking! I'm glad your humans found something to help you stand easier - I think the longer you can keep up and moving about, the better it will be for you. Hang in there, Max! We're thinking of you every day - even if we don't get to visit! (sorry, my human's been really busy and tired in the evenings and wants a break from the computer so won't help me visit my friends - humph!)

Honey the Great Dane