Wednesday, June 4, 2008


Mommy signed us up for a goodie exchange, so last night I finally took mommy to the goodie store to shop. We hopped into the green machine and left dumb Max in the dust...
I directed mommy to the fun store for doggies and other furry things:
How about these toys mommy? Oh, yummy treats? Can I have one? What, you said their mommy said low cal eerie? Whats that? Doesnt sound like fun!
Oh look, there is another furry almost my size. Will they like him too?
OK, gotta go know. Im bored shopping and wanna pee!
When we got home dumb Max wanted to see what we got.
What's in the bag mom? Huh? Huh? Is it for me? Huh? Huh? Can I have some? What, its for some doggies in Jorja?
And guess where Daddy was? Same place he has been every night. Under the Black machine!
Mommy wrapped the package all nice and pretty for the doggies in Jorja:
I dragged her to one of the big blue things that I love to sniff:
Then she, then she, then she... oh I cant bring myself to say it... She fed the package to the big blue thing!!! It is lost forever. Sorry big doggies in Jorja, the big blue thing got your goodies. Please forgive my mommy, she just doesnt get it!
BARK- Sasha the Princes
PS-- from mommy--- Ezzy Rider and Jaggers, be on the lookout for some goodies that a person in a Uniform that makes you bark, will bring to you!


meemsnyc said...

Oooh, a goodie exchange, sounds like fun. where do you sign up for that??

Mango said...

WHat's up with your dad sleeping under the big black thing? Maybe he wishes he had a crate.


Welcome To The World Of Airedale Life said...

We got it, we got our package..Photos are coming....Thank-you so much...
Mom is having a little problem with the camera....As soon as we saw the package we knew it was for us. Ezzy grabbed it in his mouth and ripped the package as Jag watched. Then the cookies popped out and it was a good time for all. The Twinkie and cupcake made a big hit. I am trying to teach these boys to share...LOL..Photos will be posted soon ......

The PR Gang said...

I love your commentary on the photos!! So funny. Sounds like you had a pretty fun day.