Tuesday, June 17, 2008


PAW! Max the Dude here. Mom has been taking me out with her on the wheels a lot lately. Today I outdid myself. I stayed right next to her and didnt pull or anything. She was so excited, she kept petting and hugging me after we stopped. I think i am getting the hang of that white wheeled thing. She says "slow down" a lot, and after a couple tugs on the red rope, I figured out she didnt want to "fly"! Man, am I getting a work out!

Of course, once we get home, The Princess has to work real hard at getting attention! I must admit, she is doing really good at being silly lately.

This morning, mom and dad were up REAL early. Even too early for us. Then they kept us up with the light on. So The Princess and I played paws.
PAW!! Max

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Anonymous said...

man looks like you had some FUN Max! good job!