Monday, June 16, 2008


BARK! I forgot to mention, the last visit was from GREAT GRAMMA! This weekend mommy's mommy and daddy came over. They are the ones that have the hhhhhhhuuuuuggggeee Safe Place parked in their territory. When we go to their territory, we get to stay in the really big Safe Place, and I get to sleep on a couch, and mommy and daddy let me sneak up on the bed they sleep on for snugglies. It is a lot lower than mommy and daddy's bed at home, so I can get up in between them and make all those snarfly noises that they think is so cute.

Anyway, THAT gramma and grampa came out. Dumb puppy Max barked at them, and made mommy mad. So he got put into his safe place for awhile. But I was the ultimate good girl, so gramma wouldnt stop petting me. Even though Grampa would say " I didnt ask for a big dog to sit here" he would still pet me and smile. I think he likes me more than he tells mommy and daddy. One time he came over with his own black doggie. But the doggie tried to take over my turf and got to close to my front door, so I had to try to make her go away, by barking and pawing at the window. How was I suppose to know that the window would break? I think I scared mommy and daddy, but not as bad as I scared Grampa and his little black doggie. So when we go to their territory, they keep us apart. Mommy says their little black doggie is really nice, but I dont know about that, so I keep a close eye on her territory when we are there. So far I havent seen any bad evidence.

Gramma and grampa were only here for a little bit, then left. We smelled them on mommy and daddy the next day, but they didnt come back. I hope Dumb Max didnt scare them away. BARK- Sasha the Princess

PAW!!! Hey, they looked like danger to me. Especially that man with all the fur on his face! I could smell animal skin on his feet, so I had to protect mom. Anyone that wears animal skin on their feet could be dangerous! But the Princess has to admit, I was pretty darned good when Dad let me out. Once I knew the leader was back, all was ok. And how was I suppose to know I wasnt suppose to alert everyone when Gramma came out of the peoples potty room? That made dad mad, and back into the Safe Place I went. Darn! PAW! Max the Prince!

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Zinger said...

that's just too cool. i've not met my grim and gram yet but i hear they spoil their grandkids so i can't wait to!