Thursday, June 12, 2008


I heard my friend Huey is going to fly to Hawaii soon. I wonder what that is like? Wouldnt he need wings for that? So I tried to do it in my sleep...I dont think I ever got into the air, then I woke up when I heard mommy laughing.

We got to see our friend Mz. T again this week. Mommy and daddy took us to her safew place so she could help us show them how to walk us right. I am always having to show mommy how to be in control. Mz T. walked with our pack around her territory with lots of good smells. We even saw a couple REAL REAL big dogs behind fences. Way bigger than us, and some even had their peoples sitting on their backs! Thank goodness mommy and daddy do not do that with us! Plus we met the weirdest furry I have ever seen. I was walking along, minding my own business, and all of a sudden the strangest noise made my fur rise. It was loud and obnoxious, like nothing I have ever heard before. Then out of the bushes this odd bird came at us! Thank goodness there was a fence between us.

Anyway, Mz T. did a good job of showing daddy how to control dumb puppy Max. After awhile Max just ignored all the other puppies. Of course, I caught on quicker, especially after Mz T. set me straight when I jumped at her pretty puppy. It started to get hot and I just pooped out. So I told mommy I was done, and just sat down during the walk. So she sent daddy & Max to get the green machine and then all was ok. Mz T. was very concerned about us, and got us water and cooled us down. Mz T. really loves us and will always be our other mommy. We slept the rest of the day. One of my Favorite things!
BARK- Sasha the Princess


HawaiianDane said...

HA HA too cute! I think you were flying in your sleep! Huey is a pro at flying, he has frequent flyer miles! He has flown 7 times, and he is not even 5 years old yet! WOW!

Huey was born in Hawaii so he is really excited about going back. As for the flying part, well, I dont think he enjoys it too much. Just really glad he does not have to go into quarantine!

Huey gives you slobber licks!!

Mango said...

Yikes! Giant doggies even bigger than you? With peoples on them?

Those goose things look scary, but I'll bet their poop tastes great.


Zinger said...

awesome! sounds like it was a great time!