Monday, April 14, 2008


What a HOT weekend! Daddy and Mommy even drank their morning coffee in the back yard. The sad part was they let dumb Max come out and lay at their feet, but left me in the house. I wanted to go out and protect them from that boy dog, but they didnt seem concerned in the least. While I sat at the window watching the pack, Max just smiled at me with that sneer of his. I will get him someday!

Later, while Daddy was pushing around that loud red thing back and cross around the yard (I dont get the fun in that!), he let us both come out and hang with him. I made sure to sit up nice and pretty, while the sun made me glow! Even Daddy commented how pretty I was.

That was hard work looking so pretty, so we napped the rest of the day. Mommy and Daddy, actually took a walk without the pack. We were both so insulted. I told Max it was all his fault, and he just said "Whatever" and went back to sleep. When they came back, we made sure to get their attention, by running around and circling them. Finally, they took us for a walk too. Boy, that was exhausting, so we had to nap again!

Yesterday, Max started licking my ears again. That sure feels good. When he stops, I try to get him to keep going, when he doesnt pay attention, I jump on his back and bark. He doesnt get it. Then he goes and hides behind mommy and daddy. What a wuss... hey, stop it, hey....

PAW! Max here! I am NOT a wuss. The princess has a mean streak, and I know better than to fall for it. She only tries that trick in the house. When I try to take her on in the yard, she is just a lazy sissy girl and acts like she doesnt know what playing is. I think she has been a house dog for too long. Sure hope she learns how to play outside someday, as I love to hear Mom laugh out there. Uh oh, there she goes, barking for Mom again. Gotta go look innocent-- PAW!!


archi ann said...

sounds like a perfect lazy sunday

Abbey said...

Max & Sasha are braver than Chels...she wont have anything to do with a lawnmower