Friday, April 4, 2008

Mommy's going away!!!

Oh, no, I just heard Daddy ask Mommy when she would be home and she said "Sunday"! Eeek, I dont think Daddy knows how to get me onto the computer, let alone how to blog, being a "boy" and all. So, I'd better tell everyone what is happening now.

Let me go back. Daddy did give us our bones today- YUM! The extra special treat was that mommy came home early. We got to come out of our crates and hang out in the sunny backyard for a little while. There is another human hanging around too. We have seen him before and Daddy says he is a friend. He comes over and works in the garage sometimes. In fact he was here the night I accidently bit mommy, but that is a whole 'nother story and I dont want to cry right now.

Anyway, this morning I heard Daddy say something to mommy about a "retreat". Not sure what that is, but Mommy seemed real happy. But when I heard she is going to be gone until Sunday, I dont know what is so happy about it. Will she be safe away from the pack? Who will alert her to danger while she is away? Who will check the parimeter of where she is going and make sure no other big mean doggies come near her? Who will sniff her food to make sure it is ok to eat? Who will excersise her? I am so worried. So, until she leaves, I am alerting her to every little concern I have outside the front window. She doesnt seem too happy about it, and locked me out of the livingroom. Now I cant watch out anymore. And that other human is out there too. I was just trying to remind her that he is still here.

She is allowing me back into the livingroom again, so I'd better get back to standing guard. I will update you when she comes home- if she survives without me, that is.

Sasha- The Princess
PS-- Max just tossed the paw to say "Hey"


Jan's Funny Farm said...

Hi, Sasha & Max,

We're glad to meet you. We hope you like kitties since the cat to dog ratio here is 2 to 1 and we all visit as one.

We like to walk Jan. She'd probably get lost if she went out without us. But that's okay. We don't mind watching her.

Mindy Lu said...

Mommy wont let us have kitty friends, as we play too rough with them. Although she loves them and sometimes comes home smelling of one or 2. Max and I will have to change the cat to dog ratio!
--Sasha the princess

Abbey said...
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Abbey said...

I think I could handle a retreat at the moment but I couldnt leave Chelsea.. great post, I like the way you write...