Monday, April 7, 2008


Mommy returned to the The Pack yesterday! Daddy was still at church, so we got to sniff her out, to make sure she was well, and hadnt been approached by any other pack. All we smelled was pine needles and lots of food and other females. Although, she remained very calm when she let us out of our crates, we could both sense she was very excited to see us.

It was quiet in the house while she was gone. Except on Friday night, that friend of Daddy's came back over and stayed awhile. And they did the unbelievable. He sat in Mommy's chair!!! And he and Daddy stared at that square box over my bed for a long time. I knew mommy wouldnt be happy about it, but Max and I promised to not say anything.

Once Mommy and Daddy were home together, the house got noisy, and we knew all was normal again. Mommy had a lot to say and Daddy just nodded his head. Then mommy got up and went out the front door. Max and I started hollering "Stop, come back, we cant protect you out there". Then we saw her friend in front of the house talking to her. Mommy was smiling, so we knew she was ok, and went back to resting. Shortly after that, Mommy and Daddy went out again, without us. So we waited patiently for them to return to the pack. When they did, they smelled like hamburgers and french fries! How dare they!!

When Daddy took us outback, Mommy came too, so I had to go protect her from that that boy dog behind us. I ran to the fence to warn him to STAY AWAY, but mommy got between me and fence and told me to leave. I wasnt sure if she knew what she was doing, so I circled around and tried it again and again. Finally I figured she was going to be ok, and relaxed. But I stayed close to her and kept an eye on the fence, to make sure he didnt plan a surprise attack. Mommy and Daddy seemed totally unaware of the danger as they tossed a toy back and forth, while Max ran around them. It was the final straw when I witnessed them cheering when dumb Max caught the toy and ran with it. I knew I could really show him up, if I caught it in the AIR! Any dumb dog can pick up a toy off the ground. I gave Mommy the signal and she tossed the toy up in the air, and I jumped and AHHHHAAA... Princess Sasha caught it. That was enough work for me, so I layed it down and walked off. They got the idea, dont mess with THE PRINCESS! Much to my dismay, Max caught on and had to top me. So when mommy was petting him, he ROLLED ONTO HIS BACK!!! He has NEVER done that! It was my own trademark that mommy and daddy loved. But HE DID IT!! I could not beleive my eyes! And to make it worse... mommy was so excited, and petting him. Even daddy let out a cheer. I tried to get into the petting, but they just nudged me away. I will have to come up with something cuter!

My thought chance came up when we went for a walk. Max is still a dump puppy on the leash. Mommy told Daddy her shoulder hurt, so I got to walk with mommy. As soon as we got to the park, I saw it! The squirrel! Mommy tried to distact me, but too late. I tried to nudge mommy out of the way, so I could get to it, but instead hurt her tummy. Dang it, I blew it again! But mommy didnt stay mad for long, and the squirrel disappeared. The rest of the walk was slow and calm. Some man and his little boy came over and petted us. They have a little puppy like us, and wanted to pet the big dogs. The man knew exactly how to pet my ears, and I liked him a lot! Dumb Max just sniffed them, then got more interested in the poop in the grass. Such a BOY!

After we got home, we rested again. It is so hard to be CUTE all the time! There is a bunny from another blog, that did the Bunny 500 this weekend (I peaked on her blog). So after mommy and daddy shut their door for the night, I tried to start playing. They heard me, and daddy came out and said its too late to play, go to sleep. So I did. Quiet end to a PERFECT day.

BARK!- Sasha the Princess

PS-- Someone asked if I would let Max blog? I dont want his dirty 'ole paws on my page, but I bet mommy will allow him on sometime, just to put me in my place again! Dumb boy....


archi ann said...

You have to be careful when you play Shasha when you're sposed to be sleeping ... don't want to get caught. I blew it doing my bunny 500, woke mum up but i think only 1/2 way cuz she turned on the light, so i just froze in the doorway, she saw me, shook her head, turned off the light and went back to sleep. I think if i totally woke her up she would have banished me back into my house for the night... don't make the mistake i did of being too noisey!

archi ann said...

Hey Sasha, I tagged you for a meme

Come over and see what to do and you can ask my Mum if you're not sure!

have fun

Abbey said...

Glad everyone is back and your world is all safe and warm...