Friday, April 11, 2008


A friend of mommy's has bunnies!! Mommy came home one day full of white fur. I thought "Cool, mommy is joining the fur gang with us". Then I got a whiff of her and she smelled like yummy bunnies! Anyway, one of the bunnies learned to blog too and next thing I hear, I am tagged! But it confused me sinceI dont see any spraypaint on my beautiful fur. I went to check out what this disaster means and this is what I learned: We were tagged for the book meme. Here are the rules:

1. Pick up the nearest book.
2. Open to page 123.
3. Find the fifth sentence.
4. Post the next three sentences.
5. Tag five people and post a comment to once you have posted it.

Well, the book that has the most of mommies scent on it, is something called The Bible. I looked on page 123, but it didnt make sense to me. So intead I found something that said PSALM 123 and followed the directions:

So our eyes look to the Lord our God, until He has mercy on us
Have mercy on us, O Lord, have mercy upon us!
For we are exceedingly filled with contempt.

Did I do it right, archi? I dont know many bloggers, so I could only tag:

Now, onto life. Mommy has been acting weird latley. I think some pack leader got ahold of her and is putting crazy thoughts into her mind. She actually thinks SHE is the pack leader! What nerve! Just to remind her WHO really is in charge, yesterday I let her lead me back to the fence behind us with the boy dog behind it. As soon as I started to show her who was REALLY in charge of the yard, she made me sit down, and then, oh the nerve, I can hardly say it.... she made me LAY DOWN IN FRONT OF THE FENCE! I was so shocked and humilated. As the boy dog got his last words in, I tried to get up to show her the mess she got me into, but she actually pinned me with her paw (I didnt know she had one!) and made me stay down. Oh, the horror!!! Then she made me get up and walked me over to the tough girl on the other side and did it again! I am so ashamed. I have been able to show them I am the LEADER of our yard, and then mommy goes and does this horrendous thing! Well, she has a battle on her hands! Stay tuned for more.

And then.. hey wait... what?, no wait... what are you doinggggg......

PAW!!! What up dude!! Max here! Got the silly princess off the keyboard. I only have a minute before she starts barking and gets mom and dad in here. I just wanted to share the REAL story. Mom seems to have some confidence lately and the little princess isnt used to it. Princess is going to blow it all for us, if someone doesnt set her straight! Usually, we all go back in the yard together, and I get to jump and run. Because of Princesses antics, mom made me STAY INSIDE while she walked Princess out to the fence and had to fight with her to behave. I was inside trying to tell her, "Just submit, just submit! Get it over with so I can come out and play!!!" Finally, dad let me out, and tossed the toy around. He is so fun to play with, except he yells real loud when I try to get his attention with my teeth. Then mom started calling for me and running with me. I love when she hugs and pets me. I could just lay at her feet all day. The princess doesnt get it! She just stands there all aloof watching us. She is too good to run after a toy. She will only jump in the air for it. What a priss! Uh oh, I hear mom coming, Id better lay down and give her that CUTE look. PAW!!!


archi ann said...

Hey that's a GREAT verse - thanks for sharing it. Sasha, I'm gonna really bum you out here, but Max is right (and really really cute, for a doggie anyway)... you should just let your Mum be the pack leader, then everything else will be cool! And you should let her get a bun like me cuz was are COOL and way cooler than cats!

meemsnyc said...

We know Archi too, what a great bunny!

Jan's Funny Farm said...

Hi, Mindy Lu. We're glad to meet you. Jan gets delusions of being pack leader too, but we quickly put her in her place. Have to do that right away or humans get carried away.